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“Il problema di chi si cimenta oggi in ciò che chiamiamo italo disco, retro wave, outrun etc. credo sia l’autoironia. Quando è poca si prova un inevitabile imbarazzo e quando è troppa si fatica a prendere la cosa un briciolo sul serio. Vincenzo Salvia (produttore anche di cose meno italo) sa camminare sul filo come nessun altro e ci passeggia con l’equilibrio di chi quel filo non lo fa manco scorgere. E poi, se ancora non bastasse, arriva il ritornello di Domenica e fine dei giochi. L’italico cantare, il vocabolario, le immagini e ho di nuovo sette anni. Non necessariamente sette anni nell’82, anche se la cosa avrebbe tutta la sua logica. Diciamo, sette anni senza un tempo, con la vita tutta più in là ma anche tutta lì in quella partita sulla spiaggia. Che poi magari segno  e faccio la corsa di Tardelli.”
(Marco Bachini)

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Summers Past And Future In Vincenzo Salvia’s Italo Dreams – Synthetix.FM Review!

This is the fantastic review from Synthetix.FM about my latest album “Summer love …one year later” released on Telefuture. I love this review! Thanks awesome Rick!

“The romantic sentimentality of Italo Disco synth, in general, has been taken to even loftier nostalgic heights in the latest EP from Vincenzo Salvia. Reminiscing and remembering that ‘Summer Love’ romance from 2013 and bringing those warm feelings back into our lives. Summer Love… One Year Later presents four tracks of beautifully structured Italo pieces that traverse the styles and ages of classic Italo sounds in a delightfully authentic manner.

Salvia’s homages to classic Italo sounds are some of the best I’ve heard in the modern-age as this producer recreates a full immersion into the sounds and emotions of these Mediterranean flavours. With his latest EP a further progression is evidenced in the nuances in the instrumental parts as well as the vocal work with a tender, loving touch felt through each melody and subtleties in synth structures allowed to create their own golden magic.

I must say, I listen to a lot of vintage Italo Disco music. By ‘a lot’ I mean more than a thousand tracks in my music library as well as ardently listening to online Italo radio stations. The Italo genres contain an incredible amount of individual releases and the uncovering of these gems that are new to me is something I truly love. Upon hearing this new EP from Vincenzo Salvia those feelings of something vintage yet all brand new came bubbling to the surface with an effervescent fruity flavour that was impossible to sip just once.

The first track is a complete re-examining and retelling of the ‘Summer Love’ song from last year, once again with Chrissy Valentine performing the vocals while Vincenzo himself serenades his heart’s desires in the final act. This version takes the originals classic refrain and restructures it with mistier recollections and an aesthetic that longs for those times to be rekindled into passionate flames once again. The story is bittersweet, but hopeful, as the temperatures rise so to do the possibilities of that ‘Summer Love’ sparking back into torrents of desire.

‘Tramonto D’Agosto’ takes the final stages of summer love into colder temperatures as the sunset of August brings the signs of fading warmth and Vincenzo delivers sombre and melancholy vocals to accompany the emotive melodies. The melodramatic side of Italo is explored expertly in this piece as the chorus is delivered in dual voices with haunting memories of the summer now past. The honesty of the emotional involvement is unmistakable and nothing about this piece at all feels forced or hollow. The sentiment and sounds are real and you’ll feel that bite in the sea breeze cause a slight shiver deep within.

The third act on this EP has turned out to be not only one of my favourite Vincenzo Salvia tracks, but also one of my favourite Italo tracks, period. ‘Domenica’ featuring Giusi Telesca has an absolutely massive synth hook that is complemented by one of the most authentic 80s styled vocal performances I’m yet to hear. The sweet voice of Giusi Telesca has an astounding grace that is present in the delivery of every syllable. The native Italian adds even more to the spectacular performance and the balance between the synths and vocals is utterly enrapturing. It’s one thing to create a piece that is an homage to a specific style, but it is another thing entirely reinvent its soul and essence in a manner so thoroughly beautiful. Vincenzo and Giusi do just this in ‘Domenica’ and I hope this relationship bears more musical delicacies in the future.

Adding a tropical and festive dimension to the EP is final track, tantalisingly titled ‘Gelato Party’. The upbeat, dance floor oriented Italo Disco moods jostle and gyrate with bright and bouncy melodies that are packed with refreshing, fruity flavours. The synthscape is kept uncluttered and authentic and focuses on the power of the melody to make your spirits rise and your feet move as a gelato induced sugar rush of synth sweetness fills the discotheque with pastel colours swirling in musical harmony.

Telefuture Records presents Vincenzo Salvia’s Summer Love… One Year Later EP on their Bandcamp page here and the four tracks presented within span many dimensions of the Italo spectrum with an eye and ear for reverent authenticity. The four pieces are far greater than the sum of their parts as the feelings and stories conveyed via the music are refinements of specific Italo denominations and move effortlessly betwixt them from chapter to chapter. Vincenzo Salvia creates magic on this EP; shining, golden Italo magic and the result is a Synthetix Reference Experience you’d be wholly remiss to not hold deeply in a warm embrace, remembering last summer and anticipating the wonders summer 2014 will bring.”

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Summer love sometimes comes back… one year later!

“Summer Love …one year later” EP + Dreamakes Compilation vol. 2 with 10+2 remixes by fantastic artists of the synthwave scene!

“We often come back to the same beach we were one year ago, and this is what the EP tells. Two tracks are strongly linked together: the one with my vocals describes the return of the protagonist at the seaside one year later, he is waiting for his lover but can’t find her there, he remembers when they played on the sand with their Polaroids, and then he leaves the sea to go back home. The other track is with female vocals (Giusi Telesca) and it is the parallel view from the girl life, she leaves her apartment to go back to the sea and meet her lover, but something goes wrong and her car stops on the road. This is the reason the man couldn’t find her at their appointment. But there is a twist: the two stories cross together now, and while the man is coming back home, he finds the girl hitch-hiking on the road. And the love story continues.” (From NeonVice interview)

The EP is an innovative Italo Disco album with Italian vocals by Giusi Telesca and me, plus a re-interpretation of the original “Summer Love” track (2013) feat. Chrissy Valentine, plus a happy ending/icecream party track.
Released on Telefuture / artwork and photos by me

The Compilation features amazing and creative remixes by Shio-Z, A space love adventure, Apollo Zapp, OGRE, Photosynthesi, Plaisance, Ravenholm, Farfletched, Phaserland, Botnit and Mooginizer!
Artwork by OverGlow