The Rise of the Synths – The first official documentary about Synthwave music

This cloud be a milestone on our lives.
The synthwave needs a documentary, something which can prove what’s happening behind the scenes of this rising music style.
I will be one of the artists who will tell his story.
So proud of this project!
Featuring: Electric Youth, College, Miami Nights 1984, Com Truise, Nightcrawler, Dynatron, Dance with the Dead, Maethelvin, Stellar Dreams, Vincenzo Salvia, Jordan F, Futurecop!, The Midnight, Power Glove, 80s Stallone, Betamaxx, Kristine, Darkest, Lazerhawk, Mitch Murder, Carpenter Bru, Timecop 1983, OGRE, Waveshaper, MPM Soundtracks.

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Review: Take a slice outta Vincenzo Salvia’s “Greatest Pizza”

Thanks to Arcavalon for this spicy review!

“You know when you hear that one record that you just hit play and dont even think about skipping to the next song? Well your in luck. We got one for ya.
Vincenzo Salvia’s Greatest Pizza
Vincenzo Salvia has be around for a while pumping out release after release with 17 releases total on Bandcamp. Greatest Pizza, his latest work brings that pure 80s sound and does it well.
It compiles a ton of his older work along with a previously unreleased track “Nightdrive with pizza”. If anyone was new to Salvia’s music this would be one great way to listen for the first time!
The stunning artwork for Greatest Pizza done by none other than Overglow, the Retrofuturistic 80’s inspired graphic artist whos work never fails to impress, and with tracks like “Suitcase in the Night” “Zombie Workout” and “voyage” plus the many other featured here, one could say “how can you not enjoy this amazing collection? Take a listen here!”

The greatest pizza

Like the tastiest mix of pizza toppings, my new album collects all of my best tracks: From the cheesy Italo disco of “MILFS” to the dreamy outrun of “Voyage”, passing through the magic of “Domenica” and the power of “Zombie Workout”.
“Greatest Pizza” includes the unreleased track “Nightdrive with pizza” + 19 classics for a special price!
Artwork by the great Overglow!
Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more!

Another great review by my idol Giosuè Impellizzeri (Italian)

È un buon momento per il potentino Vincenzo Salvia, di diritto tra gli italiani che abbracciano con più criterio e consapevolezza gli stilemi della synthwave music. Ispirato dal recente scandalo che ha travolto la casa automobilistica di Wolfsburg, Salvia orchestra sapientemente melodie ed armonie evocate dalla synth music degli anni Ottanta, specialmente quella applicata in cinematografia (Moroder, Faltermeyer, Vangelis). La tavolozza dei suoni di “The Awakening Of The 1982 Golf GTD” profuma tanto di Kavinsky e il raddoppio ritmico, che squarcia la stesura in più parti, rinforza ulteriormente il gancio con le pellicole di un passato mai trascorso del tutto. Altrettanto evocativa è “Dieselgate” in cui si cela un retrogusto space-italo, per anni riportato in auge quasi esclusivamente da artisti localizzati tra Francia, Germania ed Olanda. Tocco più orchestrale e melanconico in “Passat Murder” col basso rotolante e struggenti linee melodiche che lo fanno assomigliare ad un Savage attualizzato per il pubblico del nuovo millennio. Mentre Volkswagen perde punti in borsa Salvia continua a far salire le proprie quotazioni in ambito musicale.

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