Another great review by my idol Giosuè Impellizzeri (Italian)

È un buon momento per il potentino Vincenzo Salvia, di diritto tra gli italiani che abbracciano con più criterio e consapevolezza gli stilemi della synthwave music. Ispirato dal recente scandalo che ha travolto la casa automobilistica di Wolfsburg, Salvia orchestra sapientemente melodie ed armonie evocate dalla synth music degli anni Ottanta, specialmente quella applicata in cinematografia (Moroder, Faltermeyer, Vangelis). La tavolozza dei suoni di “The Awakening Of The 1982 Golf GTD” profuma tanto di Kavinsky e il raddoppio ritmico, che squarcia la stesura in più parti, rinforza ulteriormente il gancio con le pellicole di un passato mai trascorso del tutto. Altrettanto evocativa è “Dieselgate” in cui si cela un retrogusto space-italo, per anni riportato in auge quasi esclusivamente da artisti localizzati tra Francia, Germania ed Olanda. Tocco più orchestrale e melanconico in “Passat Murder” col basso rotolante e struggenti linee melodiche che lo fanno assomigliare ad un Savage attualizzato per il pubblico del nuovo millennio. Mentre Volkswagen perde punti in borsa Salvia continua a far salire le proprie quotazioni in ambito musicale.

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Review on Wemusicmusic!

«The Volkswagen of Death». Abstrait et fort énigmatique, le titre du dernier EP du producteur italien Vincenzo Salvia épouse pourtant parfaitement les sonorités proposées par cet ambitieux projet.

Vincenzo Salvia - The Volkswagen of Death

Vincenzo Salvia s’est donné une mission : redonner à l’outrun ses lettres de noblesse. Alors que les dernières productions synthwave européennes commençaient doucement à se complaire dans l’excès de ringardise parodique, The Volkswagen of Death, vient remettre les pendules à l’heure.

Mixant avec brio sonorités qui fleurent bon les années 80 et la musique électronique de notre décennie, Vincenzo Salvia nous propose une course folle à bord d’un bolide, lancé à 300km/h, et qui se dirige droit vers l’espace.

Parce que c’est ça l’outrun : ressentir l’exacte sensation de piloter une Cadillac roulant sur une autoroute déserte du Nevada, alors que l’on n’a pas son permis et que l’on habite à Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Ecouter The Volkswagen of Death c’est s’accorder 12 belles minutes de plaisir. Trois titres à la fois sombres et lumineux, doux et violents : irrésistibles.

Pour soutenir le projet c’est ici.

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“The Volkswagen of Death” EP reviewed on Drive Radio!

The Italian based producer Vincenzo Salvia is back on the scene with an all-powerful new EP, called « The Volkswagen of Death ». On this new record, he has attempted to mix things up tracks with adding a little dark horror with his signature Italo Disco sounds, and the overall result is a blend of of intoxicating sounds!!! It plunges us on like an outrun race Vs. death; a winning return from an artist that has left us dangling far too long. Does Volkswagen’s motor will kill us? Can Vincenzo Salvia save us from these malefic engines? The only way to find out is to listen for yourself, but be warned: you’ll find it hard not to be fixed behind the wheel!

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Neon Vice Review: The Volkswagen of Death

If you’ve somehow managed not to hear about the MASSIVE Volkswagen scandal going on right now, here’s the TL;DR (that’s too long;didn’t read, for you non-redditors): the company or the board of directors—the details are shady at this point—lied extensively about the fuel emissions of their vehicles. We’re not talking little white lies. No. We’re talking their cars would have had a 0% chance of passing ANY countries vehicle emissions tests without the software Volkswagen installed to fudge the numbers.

You might be asking yourself, “what the hell does this post have to do with music? isn’t this a music blog?” Well, leave it to Italian synthwave artist Vincenzo Salvia to give us the opportunity for a bit of social commentary on our blog. Salvia’s new EP entitled The Volkswagen of Death channels the Halloween spirit into a dazzling synthwave creation. So what do these tracks actually have to do with the Volkswagen scandal? Well…nothing, but the names are pretty funny and you have to respect Mr. Salvia for poking fun at a pretty costly blunder by one of the biggest companies in Europe.

Without further ado, let’s get down to reviewing these tracks.

The Awakening of the 1982 Golf GTD

The opening track really starts the EP off in a dark way. The gritty bass that begins the track leads to some groovy polysynth melodies that culminate in an altogether pretty well put together tune. This track really has that analog feel that a lot of synthwave producers strive for but most end up falling short of.


Salvia’s definitely not shying away from getting to the heart of the controversy. Every good scandal needs a proper -gate name and I think Dieselgate is pretty fitting. This track really reminded me of the soundtrack of the original Halloween movie. Something about the synths Salvia uses just scream 80s horror to me. The drums don’t really do much for me, but they do glue the track together nicely and compliment the rhythm of the track. Where this track excels is in the synth melodies and as a lover of all things synthy (if that wasn’t a word, it is now) Dieselgate really speaks to me.

Passat Murder

The final track of the EP begins with a pretty creepy little arp melody, complimented by some luscious pads and a standard four on the floor type kick-snare pattern. Don’t let the simplicity of the first minute of this track fool you though, it really starts to shine in the latter part of the song. When that funky lead synth kicks in a little after the 1:00 mark this track evolves into a groovy retrosynth funk masterpiece. Passat Murder is definitely my favorite track on the EP.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Vincenzo Salvia’s new The Volkswagen of Death is another great release from an ultra-talented producer. Pick it up on Bandcamp and tell your friends.

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