About me

Vincenzo SalviaI was born in 1983 and my first instrument were the acoustic spoondrums when I was 6-7 yo. I learned playing “In the air tonight” on my straw chairs. I had to stop when all of my chairs were broken, so I asked my parents to take some piano lessons and wooden chairs. Only one year of lessons and I learned the whole C major scale! WOW! Ok, I left piano lessons.
I started to play guitar at 14 yo and played in some rock bands and metal bands. Then I decided to play alone because I was interested in electronic music, so I started my first electronic one-man-band project: Schatten.
Loneliness. This was the right mood to play nostalgic 80s music, so I started to play nostalgic 80s music.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Awesome story! I’m 25 now and I just started getting into producing music all thanks to NewRetroWave. I bought a Juno-106 and now Juno-60. I have no background in music so it’s a little difficult composing something. I love this sub-genre of 80s music because it reminds of my SNES and SEGA days. Your work is inspirational to me to keep on going.

  2. I listened to your track “Nightdrive with pizza”. It has very good audio levels with no clippings (checked it in Adobe Audition)! I reposted and liked it! Please one question: How do u promote ur tracks for bandcamp? It would also be nice if you would repost one of my tracks on ur soundcloud stream (cross promotion). Tnx brother!

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