Nightdrive to the disco EP: OUT NOW!

Here it is! The perfect soundtrack for your nightdrive to the disco: a mix of synthwave and italo disco with a modern touch! It also includes the wonderful voice of Daria Danatelli!

Out on Bandcamp and all the main stores:


Nightdrive to the disco… teaser!

Are you ready for the disco?
Well, not before than night drive!
5 synthwave tracks with pure italo disco sound and the amazing collaboration of Daria Danatelli!

Out Jan, 25 in all the main digital stores

The synthwave compilation for your Christmas nightdrive with panettone.

Synthwave Vol. 4 by Kiez Beats is out now! Grab it on your favourite digital stores!
I’ve been included with my track “Secrets”, together with Sellorekt / La Dreams, NINA, 80s Stallone, Robots with Rayguns, Timecop1983, FM-84 and more!

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My interview for Drive Radio. Not only pizza.

Question N°1:
Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work?

I started to join the synthwave music in 2012 with my first EP Voyage. After this album my music had lots of evolutions, jumping from nostalgic ballads to some groovy Italo Disco tunes.

Question N°2: What are your musical influences? What kind of music do you listen when not producing?

I’m from Italy, so my main influence is the Italo Disco. This kind of music was always included in some funny italian comedies (Cinepanettoni) which I always loved and still love to watch. When I don’t produce my music I sometimes listen to some chillout not to focus on pizza.


Question N°3: What is your earworm at the moment? What have you listening to on repeat recently?

In this moment I’m listening to the Vacanze di Natale ’83 soundtrack, in loop. I’m already in the Christmas mood!

Question N°4: What inspires you while working on new Music? What inspired you for the work on your THE SUMMONER track?

60% of my music is focused on pizza. 20% on girls, 20% on Milfs. That’s all.
When I worked on my THE SUMMONER track I wanted something powerful for my scene. I searched for some 80s workout music style because it had to be fast and hot like a pizza in the wood oven.

Question N°5: What programs and instruments do you use for your Music? What is your favourite VST you use? And which Drum Machine do you prefer?

I work on Steinberg Nuendo as DAW with some plugins such as Arturia V Collection, Minimonsta, Zebra 2 and OP-X PRO II. The last two ones are definitely my favourite!


Question N°6: What are your favourite Movie flicks and why?

My favourite ones are almost all the movies from Robin Williams. I loved him, he was always such a strong inspiration for me.
Another one is Rain Man, with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. I love everything in that movie, the story, the music (by Hans Zimmer), the interpretation from Dustin Hoffman was amazing.


Question N°7: What is the next step for you after the release of THE SUMMONER OST? A new Album? A new ep? Or other projects youre involved in?

I’m working on a new album feat. Pj D’Atri. He’s a crazy guitarist based in Austria. I also have a side project with an italian singer and we are focusing on some radio italo-pop tunes. Hope you’ll have the chance to listen to everything as soon as possible!

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The Rise of the Synths / A documentary about the Synthwave music style

If you don’t know about them yet, these guys are going to make the first official documentary about the synthwave music. The team tried to collect the funds for the shooting with the first crowdfunding but unfortunately it wasn’t successful due to the high (but fair) goal.
They’ve come back with the second crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform, with the support of the Lakeshore records, the label of the Drive, Stranger Things soundtracks (and many more).
Well, do you want to be a part of this historical moment and support the team and all the artists included in the project?
This is the place!–2#/


“The Volkswagen of Death” EP reviewed on Drive Radio!

The Italian based producer Vincenzo Salvia is back on the scene with an all-powerful new EP, called « The Volkswagen of Death ». On this new record, he has attempted to mix things up tracks with adding a little dark horror with his signature Italo Disco sounds, and the overall result is a blend of of intoxicating sounds!!! It plunges us on like an outrun race Vs. death; a winning return from an artist that has left us dangling far too long. Does Volkswagen’s motor will kill us? Can Vincenzo Salvia save us from these malefic engines? The only way to find out is to listen for yourself, but be warned: you’ll find it hard not to be fixed behind the wheel!

Original link here

“Vincenzo Salvia, with simplicity” – Interview for Drive Radio!


Vincenzo Salvia, with simplicity

‘’I still remember when I was 18 years old, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license just to go on nightdrives with some 80’s music under the rain’’. That is how Vincenzo Salvia explains his passion for 80’s sounds. His discography is indeed mostly comprised with cruising tracks. It all started back in August 2012 with an EP released by Future City Records under the name Voyage. 6 other projects came afterwards, a few of them were released by Telefuture. Regardless, they are all created as bringers of simple and common feelings, ‘’I always try to give my tracks a positive or melancholic mood which tell about some sad rainy days, some broken heart experiences and more. My music is designed to convey daily emotions, the ones that everyone can feel’’.

Atlantean retro-futurism

Vincenzo Salvia draws inspiration from his many travels amongst other things, and that also includes his imaginary journeys. This element leads him to tell his aquatic adventure in the kingdom of Aquaman, with his latest EP: Atlantis. ‘‘This project is an evolution of some news sounds I was experimenting. I was looking for something both aquatic and retro-futuristic’’. Thus, those 5 leisurely tracks convey a vision of Atlantis past and future. Over The Pillars is the opening, The Ascent is the end, these two throbbing tracks respectively set milestones for Atlantis as it sinks under the sea, to later go back to the surface world. Mermaids, Gold & Ivory then Towards have a more light-hearted feel which evokes that period of changes underwent by the Atlantean people. Provided that you are receptive to this aqua-synthwave trip, you might consider putting your interstellar Cruiser on the side for a while, hop in a submarine to venture in the abyss and maybe even meet a couple of mermaids.
N. Rayner

Vincenzo Salvia, au service de la simplicité

‘‘Je me souviens encore quand j’avais 18 ans, j’étais impatient d’obtenir mon permis de conduire seulement pour pouvoir partir faire des virées de nuit, sous la pluie, en écoutant de la musique des années 80’’. C’est ainsi que Vincenzo Salvia explique sa passion pour les sonorités 80’s. Et cette association entre musique et conduite se ressent dans la majorité de sa discographie. Une discographie, initiée en aout 2012 avec un EP pour Future City Records intitulé Voyage. Six autres projets ont suivi depuis, certains pour le label précédemment mentionné, les autres pour Telefuture. Cela dit, ils sont tous pensés comme les vecteurs de sentiments simples et quotidiens, ‘‘J’essaye de donner à mes tracks un son positif ou mélancolique pour parler des tristes jours pluvieux et des peines de cœur entre autres. Ma musique a pour but d’évoquer des émotions à la portée de tous’’.

Rétro-futurisme atlante

Si l’artiste considère ses différents voyages comme des sources d’inspiration, cela vaut aussi ses périples imaginaires. Ainsi, c’est une aventure aquatique à travers le royaume d’Aquaman qu’il narre dans son dernier EP : Atlantis. ’’Ce projet contient des nouvelles sonorités que j’expérimentais. Je cherchais quelque chose d’aquatique et de rétro-futuriste à la fois’’. C’est la raison pour laquelle ces 5 morceaux calmes offrent une vision du passé de l’Atlantide tout comme de son futur. Over The Pillars en ouverture, The Ascent en clôture, ces deux tracks marquent avec lancinance les étapes clés que sont l’engloutissement puis le retour à la surface de l’île. Avec un cœur plus léger, Mermaids, Gold and Ivory et Towards The Light retracent la transition vécue par le peuple atlante. Pour peu que l’on adhère à ce trip aqua-synthwave particulier, on peut envisager de troquer son Cruiser interstellaire pour un sous-marin d’exploration et aller à la rencontre de quelques sirènes.
N. Rayner