“Auto Radio” on double vinyl!

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly announce that my album “Auto Radio” will be finally available on a double vinyl for Lipstick Crush Records in two different colors.
More infos soon 😉 Stay on these roads.


Any vinyl lovers out there?

For all the vinyl lovers: the 45 rpm “Midnight Voyage” compilation is out now on Night Drive Records! My track “Roads” is right there in great company!

Side A:
Nina – Beyond Memory
Vincenzo Salvia – Roads
Side B:
Dana Jean Phoenix – Into The Future
Espen Kraft – The Golden Boy

Order here on Discogs

Grab your copy before the copy will grab you.

A pulsating collection of synth artists that will provide the light in the dark for all you Summoners. The noises in the night will no longer disturb your blissful sleep.
Every track has bottled different elements from the film and is here, brilliantly. It is almost a window to what limbo veils from everyday view: belching forth evil as-and-when it chooses. Let’s just hope the film prepares you for your encounter…
Don’t miss out on adding the LP to your armoury.
Only exclusive tracks from Waveshaper Official, Vincenzo Salvia, NightStop, [d.notive], Hello Meteor, SelloRekT /LA Dreams, Dream Fiend, Moondragon, Absolute Valentine, Irving Force and Maxthor!

I have a new single for your summer!

Yeah, I came back with a fresh track to let you enjoy your seaside walking and nightdrive!
“Lungomare” (Italian meaning of Seafront, Promenade…) is my new single arranged in 3 different versions and sung in Italian by Abobo!
It’s available for Name Your Price on Bandcamp, and for a bunch of dollars in the other main stores.

Yuppie! I have a new fresh and romantic track for your ears and hearts!

Yuppie! I have a new fresh and romantic track for your ears and hearts! TOGETHER!

You can grab it right here in the Future City Records Compilation Vol. V!
The compilation includes lots of new names, a featuring I made with Apollo Zapp in the track The Hip Factor and a stunning artwork by Vicetto!
All-in-one for a bunch of dollars!

Tune your radio! “Auto Radio” LP is out now!

A concept album based on a radio broadcast in 1985, enriched by the wonderful collaboration of Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z).
“Auto Radio” is an imaginary radio that takes you in a journey though Italy!
Released today July 18th!

“Auto Radio, in viaggio con te!”

Artwork – George Gold (Nightcrawler)
Radio voice – Patrick Rizzi (Shio-Z)
Phone call – Giorgia Cacciatore
Radio jingle voice – Teresa Petti
Music and concept – Vincenzo Salvia

Special thanks to:
Alpha Boy, Alex Karampas, Diana Gitallog, Plaisance, Overglow, Kristine, Rick Shithouse, Protector 101, Embryonik, Thomas Rivette, Les Chic Voltage, Massimo Delle Donne, Emanuele Giannini, Pasquale Baldantoni.

Future City Records Compilation Volume II out now!

We are proud to present the official Future City Records Compilation Volume II In celebration of our second year! Comp. Vol II Features selected tracks from some of our very own artists in addition to some amazing guests! We would like to personally thank all of you for your continued support over the years without you none of this could be possible! Please enjoy!