“I wear my sunglasses at night…”

This is our version of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at night”! Enjoy!

Guitar and vocals: PJ D’Atri
Synths and producing: Vincenzo Salvia

Check out our album “Follow the power”:


Never let them see you coming!

The Ep of my good friend Vector Sector is out now and I made a remix in pure early 80s Italo Disco! Enjoy it and support Vector Sector!
The Ep includes remixes from Dan Terminus, OFFIC3R, Beatbox Machinery, Vestron Vulture and Tommy Creep!
Impressive artwork by Andrew Krahnke based on the Outrunner webcomic!

Latest Synthetix Mixtape out now with 2 tracks from “The Chase” and my “Aurora” remix!

Here is the amazing tracklist!

Side A:
1, Intro-Sleepover (Up All Night) – Rolly Mingwald
2, Like In The Movies – Olivaw
3, Press Play – D05 & MegaDrvie
4, Rafales – Plaisance
5, Tell Me No Lies – LA Dreams
6, Regatta – Plaisance
7, Under The Sun – Jordan F
8, Keep It Simple – Robots With Rayguns
9, The Guardians Of Time – Olivaw
10, Steel City Shuffle – Betamaxx
11, Out Of Control – Vincenzo Salvia
12, Syntax Analysis – Betamaxx

Side B:
1, Tailwind – Plaisance
2, Only In July – Arcade High
3, Spindrifts of Victory – Plaisance
4, Just Over The Horizon – LA Dreams
5, Sleepless Nights – Olivaw
6, Phoebe Cates – Betamaxx
7, The August Sky – Olivaw
8, For The Winner – Rolly Mingwald
9, Aurora (Vincenzo Salvia Remix) – Jordan F
10, Perfect Summer – LA Dreams
11, Lost Formats – Betamaxx
12, Runaway – Vincenzo Salvia
13, Restless – Betamaxx